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Product Information

Commercial Rollsizer

In this process, the bulge at the base of the fired case is removed to bring the case back into the specification for reloading. This process is highly complex but can be simplified into three main areas:


  1. As in OEM factory ammunition, the case base is rolled back to its original shape.

  2. This is accomplished by forcing the top of the case to lie parallel with the base.

  3. As the case is reloaded, the mouth of the case is squared up so that it is aligned with the sizing/powder funnel.


The case will meet SAAMI requirements in conjunction with the standard sizing dies. Among the calibres available are most pistol calibres, 308 and 223/5.56 rifle calibres, and hybrid cases based on those calibres. With the appropriate case feeder, it is possible to process up to 6,400 pistol cases per hour and 4,000 rifle cases per hour. The machine is a commercial-grade model with a 12-month replacement warranty on the major components (motor, gearbox, rolling discs and case push assembly).


All key components are conservatively sized, and the functional components will perform well for many years. The machine comes with a few spare parts, including retention springs, activation levers, and springs for the push-return mechanism. Don't hesitate to contact for terms and conditions to learn more.


All commercial rollsizers are equipped with either a 110VAC or 220-240VAC single phase motor and a plug that is customized for the country of purchase. Customers who order 220VAC outside of Australia will receive a European plug and can obtain a Euro-to-US adaptor plug or install a new plug to suit their needs. A 220VAC motor delivered to the USA / Europe is capable of running at either 50Hz or 60Hz.


Shipping dimensions are approximately 470mm x 300mm x 300mm. Depending on the conversion ordered, this product weighs approximately 65-70lbs.


Weight: 26 kg

Dimensions: 470 × 330 × 330 mm

Motor Voltage: 110VAC & 50hz, 220-240VAC & 50-60hz

Compact DC-rollsizer.png

Compact DC Rollsizer

The DC Electric Drive Rollsizer is an excellent choice for low to medium volume reloaders. The DC electric rollsizer achieves similar results to the large scale rollsizer but at a lower cost (and a faster rate of processing - 1500 cases per hour compared to 6,400 cases per hour). A minimum run-in period of two hours before the DC rollsizers can be used, but longer periods are possible on occasion.


Upon delivery, the Rollsizer is supplied with a hose and adaptor for connecting to your Dillon casefeeder, a small spares kit, a very high-quality AC to DC power converter, as well as a moulded plug or plug adaptor to suit your local power supply.


If you specify the calibres you require, the website calculator will select the most cost-effective combination of calibre conversion discs and drop tubes for you.

Measurements of the machine alone: 270mm x 250mm x 230mm

Weight: 9 kg

Dimensions: 270 × 250 × 230 mm


Manual Rollsizer

The manual rollsizer uses the same rolling parts as the DC model, but it must be manually cranked. It does not require an excessive amount of effort to operate. Using the provided hose and adaptor clip, the rollsizer can be connected to your Dillon (TM) case feeder or other types of case feeders with a few modifications. The manual rollsizer cannot be converted into a DC motor at a later stage. The internal components of the gearbox are different.

A hex drive bit is included with the rollsizer to connect it to your portable drill. Remove the crank handle and insert the hex bit into your drill and the bolt into the crank handle's end. Remove the crank handle and run the bolt through the bolt hole.


That is all there is to it.


All fittings are included with the Rollsizer kit for connecting to the Dillon casefeeder. It is recommended that the rollsizer be mounted on your workbench for optimal performance. It is imperative to note that calibre conversion discs and drop tubes must be ordered separately. For ordering the correct parts, click on the "Buy a rollsizer" link on the page above.


Measurements of the machine alone: 270mm x 250mm x 230mm


Weight: 4.5 kg

Dimensions: 270 × 250 × 230 mm

Motor Voltage: 110VAC & 60hz, 220-240VAC & 50-60hz

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