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RedDot Shield Distributor

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SHIELD is a leading provider of SF Advanced Shooting Training and innovative products founded in Great Britain in the early 1980s.

These included:


  • Specialist suppressed weapons for Special Forces

  • Suppressor and folding stock for Accuracy International British Army sniper rifle

  • Electronic target systems

  • Range Construction


Thirty years later, SHIELD continues developing, implementing, and manufacturing products that allow their shooters to "Hit the Target Earlier." As a result, SHIELD is one of the leading distributors of rapid target acquisition and engagement.

In the past, SHIELD has manufactured Mini Red Dots for a variety of companies, including JP Rifles (JPoint) and Trijicon's Red Dot, marketed under their respective brands.

SHIELD Sight’s Philosophy


  • Fit the most efficient interconnection is connecting sight and gun. 

  • Form the sight is small, light, clear and precise whilst offering the best visual characteristics. 

  • Function the sight improves the shooters’ ability to hit any chosen target early.

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