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Firearm Service and Maintenance

Lorco Firearms maintenance refers to a series of regular maintenance procedures, which aim to ensure the safe use of all firearms. In addition to using specialised tools and chemical solutions, we also apply lubricant to all moving parts, clean the firearm with oil or other cleaning solutions, and we coat the exposed surface once again for protection. Our professional gunsmiths at Lorco Firearms perform such advanced services to determine if the firearm can be repaired or is safe to shoot. The purpose of these methods is to protect the firearm from any physical damage which may occur due to regular use or when a malfunction poses a life-threatening risk.

Firearm and Accessory Sales

As one of the nation's most respected gun shops, Lorco Firearms store is Australia's most influential gun shop. It offers a wide selection of firearms and ammunition to outdoor enthusiasts and sport shooters. We are committed to providing you with everything you need, whether competition or hunting in the upcoming seasons. You can count on us for all of your hunting and competition needs.

General Firearm Servicing

Have you recently serviced your firearm? Keeping your firearms in top condition requires routine maintenance. For this reason, you should make sure they receive regular servicing. Our team in Stawell handles general maintenance at Lorco Firearms.

Firearm Repairs

Is your firearm in need of repair, whether minor or major? We can arrange repairs on various sport and hunting firearms and extensive or small maintenance services at Lorco Firearms. Our friendly staff is more than happy to discuss how they can assist you with your firearms. This is so you may once again be able to perform at your highest level.

Firearm Refurbishment

You may have an old firearm requiring repairs, or you may be considering purchasing a second-hand firearm that needs a repair. Here at Lorco Firearms, we offer gunsmith service to completely restore your firearms and ensure they work and look new again. Contact our qualified staff if you wish to discuss the restoration options available for your firearm.

Scope Fitting and Alignment

To maximise the performance of your firearm, you should use the proper scope. Lorco Firearms carries a wide selection of rifles and pistol accessories that will meet your needs. In addition to being a distributor for RedDot Shield products, RedDot offers an extensive selection of scopes of the highest quality at our facility used for your firearm.

Rifle Bore Sighting

Bore sighting is necessary to ensure that your scope is aligned with a specific target area of your rifle. You will always be on target if you have a clear boresight. In addition to adjusting your scope as needed, you can perform a primary bore sighting for your rifle.

Rifle Tuning, reloading help and load

Problems reloading your firearm? Contact our experienced staff for assistance. You can rely on Lorco Firearms to fine-tune your firearms so that they will perform to their full potential.

Trigger Lightening and Replacement

A lighter trigger is suitable for competition shooters because they make it easier to target and fire off a round of shots more rapidly than a standard trigger. Furthermore, our experts can also replace or lighten the trigger on your firearm, providing you with a competitive advantage.

Length, Barrels and Stocks Alterations

If you would like to have your firearm's barrel or stock resized to get better performance, the staff at Lorco Firearms is more than happy to assist you. The team is willing to work with you to determine the correct size that meets your needs.

Recoil Pad Fitting

As part of our service philosophy, Lorco Firearms can fit your firearm with the appropriate recoil pad to provide extra passing and assistance, including the buttstock as well. A reliable recoil pad will prevent slippage during aiming, resulting in an improved shot.

Shooting and Sighting Tests – firearms testing at the requested range

We recommend that you contact Wayne or Eric. They would be happy to assist with testing your firearm and scope at a local firing range upon request. 

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