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Lorco Firearms manufactures a number of steel targets, which are shooting targets made of hardened steel (martensitic) used in firearms, including airgun sports, silhouette shooting, cowboy action shooting, practical and dynamic shooting, long-range shooting, and field target shooting. This type of target is very popular for training and competitions, as it permits a shooter to get instant feedback on a successful impact. This can often be visually verified by seeing a bullet crushed, leaving marks on the painted surfaces, or moving or knocking down the target. Also, steel targets are weatherproof, unlike paper targets, which aren't as durable in rain or wind.

With the targets we supply, there is only a defect warranty, not a shot damage warranty.

IPSC Magnet Plates and adjustable stands 


Swinging IPSC Target

unnamed v.1.jpeg

Magnetic Plates

unnamed v.6.jpeg

Magnetic Double Swinging Plate Target

unnamed v.5.jpeg

Magnetic Polish Plate Rack-No plate clips for durability

unnamed v.7.jpeg

Magnetic Texas Star

unnamed v.4.jpeg

Cowboy Match Targets

unnamed v.8.jpeg

Cowboy Falling Plate Rack

unnamed v.3.jpeg

Ground Metal Falling Plate


Duelling Tree


Our Bobber design is solid and sturdy, built and designed in Victoria, Australia.
Clamshell Target
Sneaker Target
Double Flopper Target
Single Drop Turner Target
Double Drop Turner Target
Brass Catcher
Brass Catcher.jpg
Plate Rack
Plate Rack v.2.jpg
Large and Small Popper
Large and Small Popper v.1.jpg
Large and Small Popper v.2.jpg
Large and Small Popper v.3.jpg
Long Range Target
Long Range Target v.1.jpg
Long Range Target v.2.jpg
Long Range Target v.3.jpg
Long Range Target v.4.jpg
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