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Victorian Gun Club Pictures

This sport focuses on precision rifle shooting and is governed by the body for small bore and air rifle shooting in Victoria. It is a club with a diverse membership of men and women from all walks of life, and it allows members to practice with rifles built for target work, scoped rifles, free-class rifles, and match rifles. It is common today for clubs to practice shooting single-shot, bolt-action centre-fire rifles, which are relatively accurate for shooting.


The clubs today are a part of the national body, Target Rifle Australia, which allows you to compete in events all over the country. Those with a more ambitious goal should consider Target Rifle Victoria, an affiliation under Shooting Australia. This affiliation provides a pathway to match up with other athletes in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Specific regulations and rules apply when shooting to ensure everyone's safety on the range and for fair competition.

Euroa Pistol Club – Target pistol shooti

Euroa Pistol Club

Marong Pistol Club - SSAA Victoria.jpg

Morong Pistol Club

Moe City Rifle club.jpg

Moe City Rifle Club

Springvale Pistol Club.jpg

Springvale Pistol Club

Stawell hosts shooting championships.jgp

Stawell hosts shooting Championships

Victoria Police Rifle Club.jpg

Victoria Police Rifle Club

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